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            關于萬馬包裝 About WanmaPacking




            電話:0591-85387631     85366631     





            出入境食品包裝備案書 企業代號:35052008

            Fujian Fuqing Wanma Packing Co, Ltd was established in 1999 in Fu-qing, Fujian Province,China. It is located inside Fuyao Glass Industrial Zone, Fuqing City. Over the years, the company focused on custom zation  production of plastic packing  printing products, vac.uum bags, refrigeration bags, boiling bags, high-temperature steaming bags as the main products. The company can also make zipper bags, self-suppting bags, special-shaped bags  other plastic flexible packing products  automatic packing composite film .Products havereached in food(including baby food), electronics,

            daily chemicals, machinery, military  other industries, me than 80% of the products are packing f expt products. To be able to meet the personalized needs of customers  provide a strong

            guarantee, the company introduced 8-col, 9-col high-speed printing press, dry compound machine, solvent-free compound machine, high-speed cutting machine, inspection machine, bag-mak-

            ing machine  a full set of experimental testing equipment. 

            Basing wisdom on tradition. In terms of management,Wanma

            Company has established a strict  efficient management sys

            tem,  equipped with professional  excellent technical personnel team  sales team. In terms of technology, Wan

            ma Company is constantly seeking new materials  new process, constantly developing ce packing technologies, realizing the sustainable development of me comprehensive product functions  me environmental friendly materials,  injecting a constant stream of vitality  customer products. 

            After 20 years deep-rooted market, Wanma Company has found a way to adapt to the changes of the market, established good

            stable cooperative relations with many famous enter-prises at home  abroad,  obtained many honary titles  certification from authitative ganizations at home  abroad. The products are expted to Japan, USA, Canada, Chile, New Zeal, Spain, Russia  other countries. 

            In the future, Wanma Company will continue to uphold the business purpose of "sincere hospitality, credit not over-draft, guarantee quality, products must be superi",  h in h with customers f win-win cooperation. 

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